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 IR converting screens

HAM Kristall-Technologie manufactures IR screens for the visualization of laser radiation in the 1000nm area. The screen is based on alumina and converts the IR radiation by means of an upconversion process to green or red visable light. The screens are especially suitable for high power cw laser systems.

The extremely efficient screen is especially designed for aligning mirrors as well as for the examination of axis and mode structure.

The screens manufactured by HAM are well known for their easy handling, high damage threshold and long lifetime.

IR - converting screen 1064 nm

Model: green red
  damage threshold: 5000 W/cm2 5000 W/cm2
  sensitivity: 1W cw 1 W cw
  emission: grün rot
  active area: 50 x 50 cm2 50 x 50 cm2
  size: 50 x 60 cm2 50 x 60 cm2

Customer specific sizes will be manufactured on request.