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 Diffusion bonded laser rods

In the area of diode pumped solid state lasers diffusion bonded laser rods are getting more and more common. These laser rods consist of different parts, for example of an undoped and a Nd-doped YAG. The advantage of these laser rods is, that the pumping light can be leaded through an absorption free undoped crystal to the cooled doped part of the crystal. This decreases the effect of thermal lensing.

In this way it is also possible to connect Nd:YAG to Cr4+:YAG. Cr4+:YAG is used for passive q - switching. Pulse lengths up to 4 ns can be onbtained with this material. The advantage of an Nd:YAG / Cr4+:YAG diffusion bonded laser rod is mainly the easier handling. There is no more need to justify an additional component in the resonator. The number of optical layers and the corresponing losses are minimized in that way.